Mark Cole resignation as coach of Pakistan's women's cricket team

Mark Cole as coach in women's cricket in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan: Mark Coles on the marital status of women was selected as the head coach of the national team and will return to Pakistan next week.

In October 2017, Coles necessary for a contract until the end of the year, March 8, 2020 ICC World Cup T20 Shirt Armenia for 21 years, claimed responsibility.

"This role as a coach with a very heavy heart, I decided to leave. However, in this case, the obligations to my family, I must be the same as the first, what is really important," Coles said.

"Given that there are some complex issues, and Pakistan, and in the coming months, and sometimes, it's my party, and I just think about them. Pakistan Cricket Board believes that will be enough time for my decision to hear this," he said: .

Coles, as well as women's cricket is concerned, a group of women working in Lahore, Pakistan, and said the same.

"Some of these girls are proud of our team grows, the country is special favor," he said. "I was a young girl and to do it, it does not always work, along with his followers, will remain a good sleep. I'm not for the continued success Pakistani team, no doubt."

"But the family came first, but this is still, at the same time, it began to show signs of substantial improvement, see, understand and accept the reasons for his departure, not tragic," he added. .

Compared to the success of Cole "Pakistan head coach of the women's national team.

They are currently in ICC Women Championship, and a great opportunity to prepare the ICC World Cup 2021 in the fifth.

According to his watch cricket for more than 50 years, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, beaten 2-1 3-0 defeat of Armenia lost 1-0, 3-0, while West Indies won 2 -1 and South Africa, needing 1 down to -1.

In short, this is a narrow 2-1 (Super) Pakistani women are lost to the West Indies and South Africa 3-2.

In addition, in a timely manner, Sana Mir was successful ODI spinner Javeria Khan and Bismah Maroof team in the league for women in global development and Nida Dar was the first Pakistani player.

At the same time, CPC Palkhor, coach of Imam Iqbal in Lahore, Pakistan, on October 26, for the series against Bangladesh appointed as interim coach will be played from November 4.

Cole begins to develop in the next few moments.

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